May 13, 2022 3 min read

The Cultural Revolution Comes At You Fast

Plus, Texas's anti-censorship law and why the FBI is in the news again.
The Cultural Revolution Comes At You Fast

In Today’s Issue 💬

  • Calvin Klein's new marketing campaign
  • Texas's anti-censorship law
  • Whistleblowers put FBI in the news again

The cultural revolution comes at you fast.

Earlier this week, Calvin Klein released their new marketing campaign featuring a diverse set of models. The most noteworthy model is a pregnant “man.” It’s a sign of the times—fashion brands rooted in hyper-masculinization and feminization have gone all-in on transgender ideology to the extent of hiring pregnant transgender “men."

Texas anti-censorship law will take effect.

The Texas law aimed at punishing social media companies for censoring conservative users will now go into effect after being temporarily blocked. Opposing lawyers argue that the law is still unconstitutional and will be appealing.

What does the law do? It allows Texans to sue social media companies if they are blocked from posting or have their posts removed because of their viewpoint. Progressives and advocates have issues with the law because it aims to lessen content moderation and promote free-speech online.

The FBI is in the news again, thanks to recent whistleblowers.

The FBI is targeting parents using terrorism tools. Contradicting Merrick Garland’s testimony, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division labeled dozens of investigations into parents who protested school pandemic policies with a threat tag. This happened after the National School Boards Association sent a letter to the Biden Administration requesting the FBI to target parents.

The FBI is suspending security clearances of FBI employees who participated in First Amendment-protected activity—like attending the peaceful protest—on January 6. Most see this as political persecution within the bureau.

🗞 In the loop

😳 Four-year-olds at a British Columbia school were given a homework assignment on touching their private body parts. Read more.

🍼 According to videos posted by a Florida lawmaker, the Biden administration has been shipping “pallets” of baby formula to migrant holding facilities at the border. Read more.

💳 Elon Musk said that his plan to buy Twitter is “temporarily on hold” as he tries to pinpoint the exact number of spam and fake accounts on the social media platform. Read more.

Nina Jankowicz says verified Twitter users should be able to ‘edit’ others’ tweets. Read more.

⛅️ A new corporate culture memo from Netflix is taking a hardline stance on attempts to silence artistic expression by warning those offended by the streaming service’s content that they may want to find a job elsewhere. Read more.

🎶 Kendrick Lamar released a song supporting transgender ideology and family members who are part of the community. “Demetrius is Mary-Ann now. He's more confident to live his plan now.”

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