May 5, 2022 3 min read

Soros, Clinton, Obama vs. Free Speech

And what the rising fed rates mean for you.
Soros, Clinton, Obama vs. Free Speech

In Today’s Issue 💬

  • What the rising fed rates mean for you
  • The new campaign against Musk's Twitter
  • Some headlines to keep you in the loop

What the rising fed rates mean for you

The Federal Reserve raised its short-term benchmark rate by half a percentage point (the sharpest increase since 2000) to combat the highest inflation in four decades. Here’s what it’ll do:

Mortgage rates will increase and slow the highly competitive housing market sparked by low rates and low housing inventory.

Savings accounts will benefit with higher interest rates returned to those with their money tucked away in savings. It may take some time for banks to increase their rates.

Credit-card APRs could go up & buying a new car could get more expensive with increasing interest rates for loans.

A campaign called for corporations to boycott Twitter if Musk pursues free speech. George Soros and Clinton and Obama staffers are behind it.

Background: Twenty-six NGOs (political organizations independent from the government) and advocacy groups signed a letter expressing concerns about Twitter if content moderation is lessened. After the news broke, Elon Musk tweeted and questioned who was funding the campaign.

The letter was organized and signed by:

  • Accountable Tech—a Washington DC-based group founded by a former spokesperson for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and nephew of a former adviser to Barack Obama.
  • Media Matters for America—described by Politico as “Democrat’s attack dog”—is funded by Democrat megadonors.
  • Access Now—an activist group whose second-largest donor is the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Context: This past month, Obama delivered a long speech about the dangers of misinformation online and the necessity of censorship. Hillary Clinton reiterated those sentiments. George Soros has also criticized platforms like Facebook for not censoring more. Elon Musk’s Twitter poses a threat to their censorship agenda.

🗞 In the loop

🗳 Democrats lack votes to end the filibuster for abortion protections. Even if Senate Democrats held a vote to codify Roe v. Wade, it would feel without Manchin and Sinema’s approval. Read more.

📚 Florida textbook publishers comply with DeSantis and remove woke content from the books. Read more.

The United States has provided intelligence that has helped Ukrainian forces kill many of the Russian generals who have died in the Ukraine war, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. Read more.

✝️ The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the city of Boston violated the Constitution when it refused to let a local organization fly a Christian flag in front of city hall. Read more.

A Florida teacher claims that she was fired after discussing her status as a “pansexual” with students earlier this Spring. Read more.

💸 Elon Musk has assembled a group of investors, including a Saudi prince, Larry Ellison, and a bitcoin exchange, to pay more than $7 billion to back his bid to buy Twitter Inc. Read more.

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