Mar 21, 2022 4 min read

Ohio Joins Fight for 2A & Biden Admin To Resume Oil Prod. Only With Anti-Oil Measures

Half the country has legalized permit-less firearm carry and the Biden admin will resume domestic oil production with anti-fossil fuel measures.
Ohio Joins Fight for 2A & Biden Admin To Resume Oil Prod. Only With Anti-Oil Measures

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  • Half the country has legalized permit-less firearm carry
  • Biden admin to resume domestic oil production with anti-fossil fuel measures
  • A former cop was targeted by Biden's DOJ and sentenced two years
  • Some headlines to keep you in the loop

2A: Ohio joins 23 states in constitutional carry

No license required: Last week, Ohio became the 23rd state to roll back its licensing requirement to carry a concealed firearm. Ohioans will no longer have to take a firearm course to carry,  nor will they have to disclose to officers that they are carrying unless explicitly asked.

  • Alabama passed a similar bill earlier this month.

2A: The bill is aligned with citizens’ constitutional right to bear arms. Some argue that increased regulation around gun ownership has infringed upon the Second Amendment by making it more difficult to acquire a weapon and defend oneself.

Firing back: Gov. Mike DeWine got some backlash for the bill, with Democrats and law enforcement agencies calling it extreme and claiming it will make the state less safe. However, the state will continue to do background checks and take other precautions when determining whether someone can purchase a firearm.

Big picture: Ohio joins half the country in legalizing permit-less firearm carry, making it easier to acquire and carry a gun.

Biden to resume oil and gas production under his rules

Background: Last month, a district court ruled that the administration lacked the authority to increase the social cost of carbon (SCC). So, Biden halted the development of gas and oil production until it could use its desired $51 SCC.

  • Last Wednesday, a federal court ruled that it may temporarily use the figure. Now, the Department of Interior said it would resume its domestic oil and gas production plans.

The social cost of carbon: In January 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to increase the social cost of carbon (SCC) from $7 (imposed by the Trump administration) to $51 per ton of greenhouse gas emissions. The SCC is an estimate of the supposed environmental costs of increased emissions, and raising it is a means to curb fossil-fuel production.

  • This means that federal agencies must get through added red tape when they want to buy new vehicles, power a building, develop land, etc.

Why it matters: Domestic oil and gas production may help ease some of the pain Americans are feeling at the pump during the gas crisis. But Biden is still working on passing measures that curb long-term fossil fuels, even if that means delaying relief for Americans.

We have a whole article outlining how Biden’s policies enabled the current gas crisis. You can read it here.

Former cop targeted by Biden DOJ and sentenced two years

Cory Evans was an officer for the Louisville Metro Police Department in Kentucky during the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

  • On the night of May 31, 2020, Evans and other officers arrested a mob of protestors who were believed to have set fire to a nearby business. One named Marty Chester suffered a head injury during his arrest and filed a complaint to the LMPD.

No evidence: After an internal investigation brought no evidence of wrongdoing on Evans' part, federal prosecutors stepped in, accused Evans of a civil rights violation, and threatened a slew of other charges if he wouldn't plead guilty.

Two years in prison: Unwilling to take the risk of a massive prison sentence, Evans accepted the deal. He is now a felon who must serve two years in prison and two more on probation. Chester's charges of rioting in the first degree, unlawful assembly, and breaking curfew were all dropped.

While awaiting orders to begin his sentence, Evans reached out to multiple news outlets to get his story told. In an interview with us, Evans described his encounters with rioters, how his case was handled by the Biden administration, and his outlook on policing in America.

Read our exclusive story here.

🔥 In Other News

📉 The CDC overestimated child COVID deaths by 24%.

🚫 Zelensky bans on 11 political parties.

Biden talks Russia with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

🏠 Mortgage rates rise above 4% for the first time since 2019.

💉 Moderna asks FDA for approval of 4th COVID booster.

🌎 Ukraine refuses Russian demand to surrender Mariupol.

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