Dec 19, 2021 3 min read

📜 Unwoke Weekly: Corporations Abandon Mandates

Governments are pushing boosters as cases surge. Yet, the trend of canceling mandates is only beginning.

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Big Picture: Workers Have Power

Workers have leverage in industries where unvaccinated rates remain significant and workers are in high demand. Corporations cannot afford the cuts to their workforce.

  • Amtrak canceled its mandate on employees because of potential cuts to service. Five percent remained unvaccinated.
  • Cleveland Clinic, with 19 hospitals, canceled its mandate. Fifteen remained unvaccinated.
  • HCA Healthcare Inc, with 183 hospitals in 20 states, canceled its mandate.
  • 17 other healthcare organizations suspended vaccine mandates
  • General Electric, 3M, Boeing, Oracle have all canceled mandates.

Big Picture: Refunding The Police

Late 2020: Minneapolis City Council pledged to dismantle the police department after George Floyd. That plan fell through, but they removed $8 million from the police budget.

Mid-2021: Violent crime surged 17 percent across Minnesota, and Minneapolis had the most violent year in a generation. Shootings in some neighborhoods were up 140%.

Late 2021: The Minneapolis Police department will see an increase in funds as the Mayor is returning the budget to what it was before the "defund the police" movement."

Not just Minneapolis: Oakland, another city that also cut police funding last year, is now voting to hire more officers as it deals with a surge in homicides and gun violence.

Other cities are following.


Immigration hits record high: More than 173,600 illegal immigrants were apprehended by border patrol at the southern border in November. This is the highest recorded number for that month, five times more than last November.

Joe Manchin derails Biden’s build back better: Democrat Joe Manchin says he won’t vote for the bill after months of negotiations. The bill proposes $1.75 trillion in social and climate spending.

FDA made abortion pills available through the mail and removed in-person restrictions.


Booster mandates begin: Corporations and universities are starting to require booster shots.

  • The NFL now requires coaches and staff to get boosters.
  • Universities like Georgetown, NYU, and others also require boosters for students.
  • Expect the trend to continue.

Google firing the unvaccinated: Google’s employees had until December 3rd to upload proof of the shot. The non-compliant will be fired.

New information shows vaccine makers funneling political money: Organizations that lobby for Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson sent money to dark-money groups that work to elect Democrats to office. They also sent money to groups tied to Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Kroger supermarket strips unvaccinated of benefits: The unvaccinated who contract the virus will not receive paid emergency leave.

Philly joins NYC & SF: The city will now require proof of vaccination for indoor dining.

Who is driving the variant? According to data from Denmark, the omicron epidemic is driven by young and vaccinated people.

Boris Johnson leads U.K. towards pandemic passports: Measures to introduce passports passed, but Boris Johnson suffered the largest rebellion of his party to date. Ninety-nine Conservatives voted against the measure.

Air Force fired twenty-seven people who refused to get the shot.

The Supreme court refused to block mandates for NY health care workers who requested religious exemptions.

NYC activists arrested for defying mandates: Anti-mandate activists organized a sit-in at a Cheesecake Factory. After failing to produce proof of vaccination, many were arrested.

Woke culture

Harvard University drops standardized tests: The University won’t require SAT or ACTs through 2026.

Corporations ask congress for help: CEOs of Target, Nordstrom, and Levi Strauss have asked Congress to help with a surge of looting. These are the same companies that previously supported BLM and funded the organization during the summer of the riots.

CEOs care about wokeness too much: A new poll shows that only 36% believe companies should speak out on social issues, compared to 63% of CEO executives.

Salvation Army goes woke: Leaders of the organization wanted white volunteers to apologize for being racist. An online resource titled “Let’s talk about racism” claimed Christianity was inherently racist and called for white Christians to offer “a sincere apology” to blacks.

The ruling class

Capitol police earn new power: The U.S. Senate passed a bill that allows Capitol Police in D.C. to request assistance from the national guard without any approval.

Biden renews rhetoric against Second Amendment: In a speech honoring the victims of Sandy Hook, Biden emphasized that the country “owe them action.”

Amazon partnered with Chinese propaganda: Amazon partnered with the government to sell Xi’s books, censor reviews of Chinese propaganda, and provide dissident IP addresses to Authorities.

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