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Americans remain in Afghanistan - Last week, the White House said around 11,000 American citizens stayed in Afghanistan. As of two days ago, the administration said they were unsure of exactly how many were stuck.

Military weapons handed over to Taliban - The Biden administration is removing online copies of audits on Afghan military equipment. Weapons, drones, aircraft, vehicles, tools; the Taliban now has a US-made war chest.

Debates around taking in Afghan refugees - Many outlets have begun the PR campaign for bringing in refugees. LA Times argues that the US could take in 150,000. Forbes said a poll showed that 81% of Americans support taking Afghans who helped the US.

Chaos in Kabul - There were over 10,000 people stuck at the Kabul airport waiting for evacuation. Biden said that the US would consider rescue missions to help stranded Americans reach the Kabul airport and ordered 18 commercial air flights to help. The Taliban said under no circumstance would they let Afghans leave. Defense Sec. Austin said the Taliban beat Americans in Kabul.

Biden Admin should have seen this coming - Along with the Afghanistan Papers that revealed the incompetence of the Afghan Army, 23 Diplomats at the Kabul Embassy warned the US that the country would rapidly collapse. In June, Biden told allies that the US would stay in Kabul to ensure stability.

Taliban And China - Taliban expressed their hope to develop good relations with China and look forward to China’s role in rebuilding Afghanistan.


OPEC+ SAYS NO TO JOE - OPEC countries denied Joe Biden’s request to produce more oil and lower prices. This was a predictable outcome, as Biden asked other countries to damage their own economies to help US inflation. [Forbes]

AUSTRALIA ARRESTS HUNDREDS OF PROTESTORS - Australian police arrested hundreds of anti-lockdown protestors in Melbourne and Sydney. Citizens are protesting strict lockdowns and restrictions. [Reuters]

LOCKDOWN HAPPY NEW ZEALAND - New Zeland reinstates lockdowns over one Covid case. ​​"I want to assure New Zealand that we have planned for this eventuality. Going hard and early has worked for us before," - Prime Minister Ardern. [BBC]

CHINA URGES US TO STOP HELPING TAIWAN - As US arms sales to Taiwan reach almost $70 billion, China urges the US to cut off the military connection. A Chinese spokesperson claimed that reunification of Taiwan and China could not be deterred regardless of US intervention. [Global Times]

IRAN NEAR NUCLEAR GRADE URANIUM - IAEA says that Iran accelerated its enrichment of uranium to near weapons-grade. The move is the latest Iranian move that breaches restrictions imposed by the 2015 Obama-era nuclear deal. [Reuters]


SUPREME COURT BLOCKS ‘REMAIN IN MEXICO’ POLICY - The order meant that asylum seekers needed to wait outside of the US while their cases were decided. After taking office, Biden suspended the policy. Then, a federal judge ordered for it to be reinstated. Now, the supreme court stopped that from happening. [WaPo]

T-MOBILE HACKED - T-Mobile confirmed that it was the subject of a massive data breach. The breach exposed the personal information of at least 50 million people. That information included names, birthdays, SSNs, and driver license numbers. [INC]

BIDEN APPROVAL RATING DROPS BELOW 50% FOR THE FIRST TIME - Many Democrats are concerned as their narrow majorities in Congress become questionable. [POLITICO]


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THE THIRD VACCINE SHOT IS COMING - The Biden Administration decided that Americans should get a booster vaccination eight months after the second shot. They’re aiming for widespread distribution by September. [NY TIMES]

THE BIDEN ADMIN’S WAR ON ANTI-MASK GOVERNORS - Biden announced on Wednesday that he’s directing the Department of Education to do everything possible to stop Governors who oppose mask mandates in schools. Many cite issues of Federal overreach. [NY TIMES]

BIDEN TELLS PRIVATE COMPANIES TO MANDATE - The president urges private companies to require their employees to get the vaccine. [NBC]

NO MEDICAL EXEMPTION FOR COVID VACCINE IN NYC - Your employer is allowed to fire you for not getting the vaccine in NYC, even if you have a medical condition preventing you. For those unwilling to vaccinate under medical pretenses, NYC says, “There are no known medical conditions which absolutely prevent a person from getting a Covid-19 vaccine.” [FORBES]

NYC BUSINESSES SUE DE BLASIO - Business owners are worried about the effects of requiring customers to show vaccination proof on their livelihood. A group of 50 businesses sued De Blasio to block the requirement. [WAPO]

CHINA PRESSURED WHO TO COVER UP LAB LEAK - The scientist who led the WHO’s mission in studying the pandemic’s origin in China claimed that the mostly-Chinese team pressured them away from a hypothesis where China was to blame. [THE BMJ]

VACCINE COMPANIES RAKING IN MASSIVE PROFITS - Pfizer brought in around $11.3 billion in sales for the first half of the year. In July, they predicted 2021 sales to be about $33.6 billion. Moderna brought in $6 billion for the first half a year. They then signed a $20 billion contract worth of vaccines. [THE GUARDIAN]

CDC WARNS ABOUT WANING VACCINE EFFICACY - As officials recommend booster shots, the CDC warns about the waning efficacy of vaccines over time. [INDEPENDENT]

NO VACCINE? NO WIFI FOR YOU - Students at Quinnipiac University who aren’t vaccinated will face $100 weekly fines and lose access to the school’s Wi-Fi. [WASHINGTON EXAMINER]

NO TALK ABOUT MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES - They’re free and effective, but most people aren’t aware of them as the conversation always centers around vaccines. Many are saying it’s time to bring them to awareness. [WAPO]



ONE YEAR AFTER KENOSHA RIOTS, CITY STILL BROKEN -  A year after the BLM-inspired riots, the city still requires fixing. Uptown Kenosha is empty, scattered with rubble, and buildings are charred and destroyed. [The Federalist]

UK MILITARY CHIEF DEFENDS TALIBAN - Defence chief General Sir Nick Carter praised the Taliban as  ‘country boys’ who ‘live by a code of honor’ and want an ‘inclusive’ Afghanistan for all. [SPIKED]

IT’S RAINING THEM, HALLELUJAH - Transgender singer Mila Jam remixed and renamed the song It’s Raining Them by The Weather Girls. It’s now raining them. [BREITBART]

PROUD BOYS LEADER GETS SIX MONTHS FOR BURNING BLM FLAG - Enrique Tarrio pleaded guilty for burning a stolen BLM flag and was given a 155-day sentence. [BBC]


TWITTER & FACEBOOK ALLOW TALIBAN LEADERS TO STAY - Facebook and Twitter allow the Taliban to market itself as a softer Taliban 2.0 through their platforms. It’s no secret that they’re still a murderous and oppressive terrorist group. Meanwhile, Former President Trump is still banned. [FORTUNE]

UBER DROPS JAY CUTLER FOR ANTI-MASK VIEWS - Uber Eats dropped Jay Cutler from their ad campaign because he opposed mask mandates in schools. [BREITBART]

STEPHEN COLBERT COMPARES JAN. 6 PROTESTORS TO TALIBAN - "Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a Civil War in Afghanistan? We’ve got our own on Capitol Hill." [BREITBART]


MARICOPA ELECTION AUDIT BEING PREPARED - Arizona Senate President provided a brief update on their 2020 election audit and confirmed that a report is being prepared. [Washington Examiner]

RNC TO CREATE YEAR ROUND ELECTION INTEGRITY UNIT - RNC officials will create year-round election integrity operations. It will hire in-state integrity directors that will monitor the state and county election processes. [WASHINGTON EXAMINER]


FBI FINDS “SCANT” EVIDENCE OF AN ORGANIZED JAN. 6 - After almost eight months, the FBI admitted that there was no evidence that Jan 6 was an organized plot to overturn the election. [REUTERS]

ASHLI BABBITT KILLER EXONERATED - The Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Babbit was exonerated after an internal investigation. “No further action will be taken in this matter.” [NBC]

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