America Loses A War, DHS Has New Terrorist Guidelines, And More Vaccine Mandates

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BIDEN WANTS MORE OIL - After canceling the keystone pipeline, suspending new federal land leases, and pushing for renewables, Biden asks OPEC to increase oil production. [The Political Insider]

LOSING AFGHANISTAN TO THE TALIBAN - The Taliban control over 60% of Afghanistan, including the second and third largest cities. The U.S. will send around 5,000 troops to Kabul. The Afghan president fled the country, and Kabul’s airport is now under Taliban fire as thousands are trying to flee.

The promise of war: The US promised Americans that efforts in Afghanistan would bring peace and democracy to a land ridden by war, terrorism, and theocracy.

The lies of war: Over the years, the US lied to the people about the status of the war in Afghanistan. US generals claimed success with training the Afghan army. They hid that the Afghan government was corrupt “to the top” and that Afghan police and soldiers weren’t willing to fight for it.

The result of the war: Over 2,400 Americans lost their lives. The government spent over $2 trillion tax-payer dollars. Within days, the Taliban overran the Afghan Army that we’ve been building for 20 years. They’ve seized most of the country in a week. [CBC, NDTV, Techno Fog]

WELCOME, COVID MIGRANTS - The U.S DHS confirmed that it had relocated 40,000 migrants to cities across the country. We also know that 40% of migrants at the Texas border tested COVID positive. Mexico has also broken the COVID record with the delta surge. [Washington Examiner]

PRINCE ANDREW SEXUAL ABUSE LAWSUIT - He’s being sued for sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew. [Slate]

7.2 EARTHQUAKE HITS HAITI - Over 700 have been killed by a powerful earthquake that struck southwestern Haiti on Saturday. [CNN]


SENATE PASSES $1.2T INFRASTRUCTURE PACKAGE - It finally passed. It’ll include investments for roads, bridges, broadband, airports, railways, water systems, etc. Some Republicans criticized the bill for opening the door to progressive policies and drastically increasing debt. [Breitbart]

SENATE DEMOCRATS UNVEIL AND PASS $3.5T BUDGET - It includes measures to grant green cards to millions of immigrants, provide universal prekindergarten, and tuition-free community college. [NPR]

TEXAS HOUSE SPEAKER SIGNS 52 ARREST WARRANTS - After the Texas Supreme court ruled that the State House Democrats can be arrested (quick reminder, they avoided voting for the Texas Voting Integrity bill by leaving the state). [The Texas Tribune]

DESANTIS HOLDING STRONG AGAINST SCHOOL BOARDS - In efforts to prevent mask-mandates in schools, DeSantis says he’ll suspend paychecks of dissenting school board officials and superintendents. [Breaking 911]

RAND PAUL LEADS THE RESISTANCE - Rand Paul is reminding us: when tyranny strikes, don’t be complacent. [The Post Millennial]

TEXAS SAYS SEX CHANGE FOR MINORS IS ABUSE - The head of the Texas department charged with protecting the welfare of the state’s children said Wednesday that gender-affirming surgery, which she refers to as “genital mutilation,” constitutes “child abuse” under state law. [NBC]

AMY CONEY BARRET SHIES AWAY - Amy Coney Barrett declined a request for the Supreme Court to block the Indiana University vaccine mandate. She did not explain. [Washington Examiner]

PROJECT VERITAS VS NEW YORK TIMES - Project Veritas is now permitted to depose the NYT. Now, reporters and executives of the NYT will be dragged into court and sworn under oath. It’s a big win for Veritas. [LouderWithCrowder]

DESANTIS GIVES FL FIRST RESPONDERS $1k - Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis personally handed out $1,000 bonuses to first responders who assisted in rescuing individuals from the Surfside condominium collapse. [Wink]


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DISPERSING COVID IMMIGRANTS - The DHS dropped 40,000 COVID-19 positive migrants into US cities. They estimate that around 270,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the US since Biden took office. [Washington Examiner]

NO VACCINE? NO INTERSTATE TRAVEL - The Biden administration is considering mandating the vaccine for interstate travel. They’re worried it might be too polarizing for right now and that it might be best to pull “the right lever at the right time.” [US NEWS]

MANDATORY VACCINES FOR THE MILITARY - Under a Biden-approved Pentagon plan, the military will require the U.S to get the vaccine beginning next month. [AP]

FDA APPROVES THIRD SHOT FOR SOME - The FDA has approved a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines for those with compromised immune systems.

CDC SPIKES FLORIDA’S COVID NUMBERS - The CDC inflated Florida’s COVID numbers by over 10,000 earlier this week. After being disputed, they fixed the numbers. [The Hill]

AUTHORITARIAN CANADA - Canada is now restricting interprovincial trains and commercial air travel to only the vaccinated. [CNN]

WHO SAYS LAB LEAK THEORY IS “POSSIBLE” - Dr. Embarek, who initially called the theory “extremely unlikely,” now considers it likely. Embarek oversaw a team of scientists with the WHO. [NY Post]

LOS ANGELES + NEW ORLEANS JOIN MANDATE CLUB - New Orleans and LA will now both require vaccinations to do almost everything. [4WWL,  Hollywood Reporter]

WORKERS FIRED FOR REFUSING VACCINATIONS - It’s happening everywhere. Workers fired for this may not be entitled to unemployment benefits. Houston Methodist alone suspended 178 employees last month. [Yahoo, Houston]

“NEVER GONNA HAPPEN” - Dana White says he will not be forcing UFC fighters to get the covid vaccine. [MSN]



PRINCETON HAS A “#BlackLivesMatter” CLASS - It is being taught by assistant professor Hanna Garth, a self-proclaimed CRT advocate. It is based on Angela Davis’ work, who ran for VP twice as a Communist. [NY Post]

UNC DEAN WORRIED ABOUT “DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT” - A memo obtained by Campus Reform shows the dean of the Journalism and Media lamenting to the university’s chancellor regarding how the diversity of thought would get in the way of social justice. [National Review]

LEFTIST PROFESSOR ARRESTED FOR ARSON - A professor who has lectured at many CA universities has been arrested in connection to multiple fires in Northern California. [The Sacramento Bee]

REGRESSIVE PRINCIPAL FACES BACKLASH - Parents are furious with an Atlanta elementary school after finding out their kids were placed in racially segregated classrooms. The school’s principal reportedly made the decision. [Atlanta Black Star]

AMERICA’S WHITE POPULATION DECLINES - For the first time in history, the white population in America declined. Hispanic demographics saw the most significant rise. [The Guardian]

THIRD GRADE LESSON GLORIFIES COMMUNISM - A lesson plan on Virginia State Education teaches that police hate Black men and glorifies communist ideologies and idols. [PACT]

BRYN MAWR PROFESSOR: AMERICA ONLY FOR WHITE PEOPLE - More professors espousing CRT. This time, a professor at Bryn Mawr teaches that America was only for white people and is now a failed experiment. [Johnathan Turley]


29-YEAR-OLD COP SLAIN IN CHICAGO, MAYOR SAYS NOT TIME TO TALK POLITICS - Officer Ella French was fatally shot at a traffic stop when she and her partner had weapons holstered. The shooter (age 21) and his brother (age 22) have both been charged. As city tensions peaked over the defund the police movement and its connection to the shooting, the Mayor says Chicago should be "better than this." Officers are furious, and many others blame her too. RIP to all officers and first responders who have given their life for service this year. [Fox, Chicago Sun Timest]

OPPOSED TO COVID RULES? YOU MIGHT BE A TERRORIST - The DHS issued a warning of a heightened domestic threat from violent extremists. How to identify them? The extremists might oppose COVID measures like lockdowns, vaccine mandates. They might claim there was election fraud. Sound like anyone you know? [NBC, ABC]

OBAMA’S SUPER SPREADER EVENT “SOPHISTICATED” - Arrogant New York Times WH correspondent defends Obama’s maskless party and calls the crowd ‘sophisticated.’ Now, 74 people on Martha’s Vineyard tested positive. Try searching this on Google vs. DuckDuckGo. (One of these search engines is hiding results). [Daily Mail]

GOODBYE CUOMO! - It’s no secret that Cuomo has long admired Bill Clinton for his political prowess. He even based his career on Clinton’s. Including the ending. The now-disgraced governor announced his resignation on Tuesday. [NY Mag]

SECRETARY JANET YELLEN ACCUSED OF CORRUPTION - She’s supposed to keep Wall St. in check, but she’s been receiving millions in speaking fees from them. [Trust Nodes]

AZ SENATOR NAVARETTE RELEASED ON BOND - The Democratic Senator was released after being charged with multiple sex crimes involving a minor.

BILL GATES SAYS SPENDING TIME WITH EPSTEIN WAS A “HUGE MISTAKE” - In an interview just two days after finalizing his divorce from Melinda, the Microsoft founder said,  "It was a huge mistake to spend time with [Epstein], to give him the credibility of being there.” [Yahoo! News]


DOJ KNOWS MANY JAN 6 WERE AUTHORIZED TO ENTER THE CAPITOL - "We possess some information that . . . law enforcement authorized [people] to enter the restricted grounds..." [Techno Fog]

FORMER DEFENSE SEC. CHIEF OF STAFF BELIEVES JAN 6 WAS INTENTIONAL - Kash Patel said that the mistakes made were “intentional or otherwise” and led to the January 6 fiasco. The mistakes he made were the lack of security preparation.[American Greatness]

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