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đź’‰Unwoke Weekly: More Tyranny Despite Omicron's Lesser Concern

The current variant is more contagious yet far less lethal, meaning there has never been a more significant reason to relax. Despite this, tyrannical pandemic measures continue to spread.

Big Picture: More Tyranny Despite Less Concern

There is less to be afraid of: According to Bloomberg, a new study from South Africa shows that the new strain leads to hospitalizations 80% less than others. Other research shows the strain is around two-thirds less likely to lead to hospitalization.

Tyranny continues to spread: Chicago, D.C., Boston, and other cities have now moved to limit the actions of the unvaccinated. In these cities, the unvaccinated will not be able to dine indoors and enjoy other indoor activities.

More extreme: In D.C., the mandate will now include everyone 12 and older. All eligible students 12 and older must have the shot to return to schools in the following year.

Nonsense: The current variant is more contagious yet far less lethal, meaning there has never been a more significant reason to relax. The mandates continue to discriminate against the unvaccinated, even as the vaccinated see waning protection and infection at growing rates.

Big Picture: Airline Tyranny Fails, Hard

Harsh mandates: American Airlines, Alaska, United, JetBlue, and others added vaccine mandates for workers. Southwest added them, then removed them due to issues with unions. United fired six pilots and prepared to fire another 600 employees. Delta imposed a $200 fine on unvaccinated employees.

Still, pandemic disruption: Delta, United, and JetBlue are now having mass flight cancellations due to the pandemic and staff shortages. Five thousand flights were canceled on Christmas.

Failed gamble: The corporations took a risk. To maintain long-term profits without pandemic disruptions, they threw out employee trust and forced many to vaccinate against their will. As it turns out, the vaccines were ineffective at preventing new outbreaks, especially with the new variant.

United States News

Hispanics prefer Biden over whites: A new poll shows that Biden’s approval rating is lower with Hispanics than with Whites. Sixty-five percent of Hispanics disapprove compared to 56% of whites.

The officer who shot Daunte Wright was sent to prison: Officer Kim Potter was found guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter. She testified that she thought she had a taser in her hand, not a gun.

Princeton takes millions from CCP schools: The Ivy League school received $4.6 million from CCP-owned Peking University. The is a continuation of China’s trend of funneling money to American universities.

Elon Musk speaks out about wokeness: “[At] its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. Basically, it gives mean people a shield... to be evil and cruel. Armored in false virtue."

Apple workers are staging a walkout on Christmas Eve: The workers want higher pay, more benefits, and proper pandemic equipment. This continues the trends of strikes around the country.

The US sees the lowest population growth rate: The population growth dipped to the lowest rate since the nation’s founding.

The U.S bans Chinese slave-made goods: The bill bans all imports from China’s Xinjiang region unless the companies can prove there is no slave labor.


Fox News Joins The Anti-Vax Movement: Last week, Fox Corporation, owner of Fox News, told employees working in NYC that they need proof of at least one dose of the shot. They removed the option to get tested weekly.

Pittsburgh pauses vaccine mandates: Originally, Pittsburgh announced city-wide vaccine mandates similar to that of NYC. Because of negotiations with unions, the city has paused the mandate. Unions representing police and firefighters are fighting back. Police and firefighters will likely be exempt.

Biden to send out half a billion rapid tests: With the new variant surging, Biden has announced an effort to send 500 million at-home rapid tests to Americans. Scientists have been urging for an initiative like this since the beginning.

New York’s bill to force quarantine camps: A new bill that will be voted in the next legislative session would allow New York to remove and detain anyone presenting a “significant threat to public health.” The bill could also require infected individuals to complete “treatment,” which can lead to forced shots.

30,000 Marines may be discharged: 103 active members out of 30,000 were discharged for refusing to take the shot.

Thousands protested in Munich, Germany, against new pandemic restrictions and forced shots.

Democrats call for vaccination requirements on flights, again: Dem lawmakers including Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Eric Swalwell penned a letter calling for a vaccine requirement on domestic flights.

Ruling Class

Police-reform-supporting congresswoman carjacked: U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia on Wednesday as crime continues to surge across the nation. She actively campaigned for police reform that likely led to increased crime.

The CDC was very wrong about children and masks: The CDC was very aggressive with the issue and recommended that all kids two and older be masked in school. The organization cited a study that said schools without masks were 3.5x likely to have outbreaks. Now, experts are saying the study was “so unreliable that it probably should not have been entered into the public discourse.”

The U.S. intercepts a suspected terrorist at the southern border: As apprehensions hit record highs, border patrol apprehended a Saudi Arabian citizen with ties to terror interests. He was illegally crossing the border.

DHS will close up gaps in the wall: The DHS announced that it would use border security funding to close wall gaps and pay for clean-up projects. They cite the measures will mitigate safety concerns.

Biden DOJ says inmates sent home because of the pandemic will not need to return to prison.

Stolen pandemic relief funds: Nearly $100 billion was stolen from the pandemic relief programs to help businesses and people.

Gov. Greg Abbott begins border wall construction: The Texas Governor has started building a stretch of a border wall. The funding will come from the state and crowdfunding.

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