Oct 7, 2021 1 min read

Merck's New Medicine Is A Money Grab

American pharmaceutical company Merk is now ready to seek approval for a new drug, molnupiravir. They stand to make a lot of money.
Merck's New Medicine Is A Money Grab

Lobbied against Ivermectin: Merck also sells Ivermectin but lobbied heavily against it for the pandemic, despite no safety concerns and mixed results from the scientific community. The pharmaceutical claims that deaths could be cut by half with the new medication, which is not very different than what the Ivermectin scientific community claims for Ivermectin.

They will be rich: The new medicine costs $17.74 to produce but will be sold 40 times the price, $712 per course. The treatment could bring in as much as $7 billion by the end of the year. This will make it one of the most profitable drugs ever.

Tax-payer dollars at work: The U.S. government has already ordered 1.7 million courses of medication. It was a $1.2 billion contract. Additionally, the drug was developed with tax-payer dollars. At least $29 million were spent through Federal money.

The tax-payers paid to develop the medicine, and now it's sold back to them at an excessive amount.

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