Mar 18, 2022 2 min read

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story Explained & What It Teaches Us About America

How the most powerful institutions in the country orchestrated a hoax on the American people to influence the 2020 election.
Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story Explained & What It Teaches Us About America

The Laptop Story & Findings

The laptop: In 2019, Hunter Biden turned his laptop in for repairs and forgot about it. After 90 days, the shop owners legally owned the computer and decided to look through it. They were shocked by the contents, which showed then-candidate Joe Biden was heavily involved in influence-peddling across the globe.

The findings: Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals that Joe Biden did a lot of influence peddling, meaning he corruptly sold his influence and had his son collect the profit. Some findings include:

  1. Hunter was bringing in $50,000/month from Ukrainian gas companies. In return, Hunter gave them access to his father—the Vice President at the time—contradicting Joe Biden’s claim that he never spoke business with his son.
  2. Hunter Biden was to receive $10 million annually from CCP-related Chinese businessmen in exchange for influence. Ten percent of it was allocated for Joe Biden.
  3. Joe Biden met his son’s business partners from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan in Washington, D.C., in 2015.
  4. Hunter Biden tried to use his father's influence to strike a deal with a state-owned U.S.-sanctioned Chinese energy company.
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