The Cuban Regime and American Establishment Compared

Politicians are outraged over conditions over in Cuba but remain silent on issues within our border.

The Cuban Regime:

Authoritarianism/ Communism

  1. Monitors everyone's conversations [Reuters]
  2. Denies equal access to buying goods [NPR]
  3. Censors and cuts off internet access [Ammron]
  4. Unfairly prosecutes dissidents [HRW]
  5. Tortures dissidents [HRW]
  6. Punishes all dissent [Daily Wire]
  7. Prevents dissidents from fleeing [BBC]

American politicians and human rights activists are outraged.

The American Establishment


  1. Monitors everyone's conversations, especially dissidents. [New York Post, WUSA9]
  2. Unfairly sentences and entraps dissidents. [Julie Kelly, Glenn Greenwald]
  3. Denies equal access to banking and payments [Breitbart]
    (Corporate America + government partnership)
  4. Censors and cuts off dissident social media access [Newsweek, Facebook]
    (Big tech + government partnership)
  5. Keeps dissidents in solitary confinement [The Spectator]
  6. Prevents dissenters from earning a living [CNN]
  7. Prevents dissidents from flying (No-Fly Lists) [PM]

American politicians and human rights activists are silent.