Nov 3, 2020 2 min read

Common Myths About the Breonna Taylor Case

Common Myths About the Breonna Taylor Case

Myth 1: She Was Asleep In Bed

Taylor was not asleep in bed when the police raided her apartment.

Taylor and her boyfriend were watching a movie in bed when they hear a loud bang at the door. They got out of bed, and were going toward the door when her boyfriend claimed it "comes off the hinges". Walker, her boyfriend, fired one shot, unable to see who he was shooting at.

Sources: Courier Journal

Myth 2: Police Entered Without Knocking

Even though the police legally would have been able toenter without knocking, as they'd obtained a no-knock warrant, they knocked before entering the apartment. Multiple witnesses have backed this claim, with some even claiming that officers both knocked and identified themselves.

Police commanders decided in advance to have officers knock and announce their presence before entry. That decision was communicated beforehand in a briefing.

When there was no answer after repeated knocks, the officers announced themselves again and stated they were there to serve their warrant.

Sources: Courier Journal, CNN

Myth 3: Police Were At "The Wrong Apartment"

The Courier Journal obtained copies of five search warrants Louisville police received on March 12th as part of a narcotics investigation.

The search warrant for Taylor's home not only includes her name, but her street address, apartment number, and photos of her unit's door.

Sources: Courier Journal

Myth 4: The Officer Shot Was Hit By Friendly Fire

CNN quoted Walker, the boyfriend, admitting to firing at the officers during the raid.

"So I just let off one shot ... I still can't see who it is or anything"

Sgt. Mattingly, the officer shot, said he could "make out a man and a woman in a darkened hallway" before he saw the flash of the muzzle and the bullet struck him in the leg.

Sources: Courier Journal, CNN

Myth 5: The Main Suspect Was Already in Custody

Police documents offer conflicting accounts of whether officers executed search warrants simultaneously at the primary suspects home as well as Taylors.

According to court records obtained by the Courier Journal, police executed the search at 12:40AM of Taylor's home on March 13th. Glover, the primary suspect, was listed as being arrested at the same time that morning.

While some speculate the documents were altered after Taylor's death, it's important to note that she played a role in the drug-selling/drug-smuggling, they were looking to bring her in for questioning as well.

Sources: Courier Journal

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