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Caitlyn Jenner and Moderate Republicans: Appeasing The Left Won't Work

The Republican party would best serve the country if they focused on defeating Democrats, and ousting establishment politicians, rather than trying to curry favor from liberals and mainstream media.
Caitlyn Jenner and Moderate Republicans: Appeasing The Left Won't Work

Written By The Unwoke Editorial Team

Caitlyn Jenner shocked Washington when she announced her campaign as a Republican for California’s governorship in the ongoing attempt to recall Gavin Newsom. More recently, a  controversial video of her denouncing transgender girls competing in biological female sports further placed Jenner in the spotlight.

Many prominent Republicans have expressed support for her campaign, but here’s the problem: she’ll lose. Progressives in California have already begun defaming Jenner, and many conservatives question her views or don’t see her as a viable candidate, limiting the potential constituency to very few voters. Beyond Jenner’s views and Californian politics, GOP candidates appealing to such a small demographic of socially liberal republicans will likely prove impossible on a state and national level.

Caitlyn Jenner and, more broadly, socially liberal Republicans, do not represent the values the party needs to gain political ground. Staying true to traditional values has historically resulted in great wins for the GOP, with record-level votes won by Presidents Reagan and Trump the most prominent examples. By contrast, moderates McCain and Romney, who sought favor from Democrats and the media, and muddied differences between the parties, were trounced. Truth is, the vast majority of Americans hold traditional American values, which the Republicans should represent.

Such values include the nuclear family, individual liberty, constitutional limited government, secure borders, and economic opportunity.

The Republican party would best serve the country if they focused on defeating Democrats, and ousting establishment politicians, rather than trying to curry favor from mainstream media.

Radical Platform Shift

Although increased polarization is widely recognized, research shows Democrats have shifted far-left while Republicans have remained surprisingly neutral. Indeed, the Democratic party of today has shifted towards corporatist, cultural totalitarianism, and would not be recognized by classical liberals or the likes of former democratic heroes such as JFK.

Evidently, the political left is unwilling to compromise on core issues, and enabling the continuation of a radical shift in ideology will only lead to more adverse consequences for the GOP.  

Today’s Democrats don’t seek political unity or logical consistency, but would rather employ empty slogans to ensure complete victory and silence dissent. Conservatives pandering to socially liberal RINOs like Caitlyn Jenner will further guarantee their loss culturally and in Washington. Here are just a few of the left’s views on various issues that further display their radical shift, hypocrisy, and unwillingness to compromise:

No Equality Under Law

Antifa and BLM rioters were allowed and encouraged by Democratic leaders to destroy our cities and abuse innocent citizens, causing over two dozen deaths, a billion dollars in damage, and uprooting countless lives. Leftist district attorneys and prosecutors facilitated their instant release without bail and had serious felony charges dropped. Democrats ignored months of our cities burning, but decried the “insurrection” of January 6th, where the only violent death was a female Trump supporter killed by Capitol police, and little damage occurred.

In the same breath as calling for police defunding and prison abolition, the left has no reservations about imprisoning political rivals and even placing them under solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.  The law does not equally apply to those who support Donald Trump versus those who chant BLM and its slogans.

Instead of directing law enforcement to pursue the violent leftist insurgents who openly call for the overthrow of the U.S. government, Democrats focused the full powers of law enforcement and intelligence services to persecute a largely fabricated threat. Of course, rather than debating policies in the political arena to attract public support, this fabrication is meant to demonize its enemies and justify their seizure of power. Witness the deployment of 25,000 national guard troops to supposedly protect the Capital. The left has no sense of this irony, and why would Republicans pursue collaboration with an insatiable violent mob?

Rules for Thee but Not for Me

Guidance from Fauci and the CDC has been consistently arbitrary and politically motivated as the pandemic stretched on for over a year. While unmasked, unvaccinated, elitist politicians dined indoors at expensive restaurants, traveled, and went to high-end salons, small businesses and minority communities suffered the most. They don't care about reopening schools or small businesses despite overwhelming science indicating society should have opened long ago. Schools and outdoor dining have proven to be insignificant vectors of Covid-19 transmission, accounting for less than 4% of cases, respectively.

“Based on the data available, in-person learning in schools has not been associated with substantial community transmission.” -CDC
“Infectious disease scientist at UCSF, Dr. Monica Gandhi, says there’s been no clear evidence linking outdoor dining to the spread of the virus.” -Kron4 News
“Health officials admit they lack 'specific contact tracing showing that restaurants are driving this huge increase in cases.'” -Eater

Despite their incessant calls to “follow the science,” Democrat elitists don't play by their own rules.

“Green Energy” Policies

Once again, as elite Democrats fly around on private jets and the CCP produces more emissions than the rest of the developed world combined, climate hysterics are pushing authoritarian policies that target small businesses and individuals. The Biden administration plans to spend billions on “green-energy jobs,” which is a billion dollar failed proposal from the Obama era. While China, our biggest national security risk, threatens our closest regional allies and prepares for war, the first cabinet-level official designated to travel to Beijing is climate czar John Kerry. Democrats are happy to seek an agreement with the CCP, which only provides empty promises to reduce emissions, while we purposely hobble our economy.

Republicans must ask themselves how they can work with Democrats who are so eager to strike empty deals with the CCP, and have no interest in collaborating on solutions at home. Nuclear energy, which cleanly and safely produces more electricity at a lesser cost compared to solar and wind, has been moved off the negotiating table.

“A typical nuclear reactor produces 1 gigawatt (GW) of electricity. That doesn’t mean you can simply replace it with a 1 gigawatt coal or renewable plant. Based on the capacity factors above, you would need almost two coal or three to four renewable plants (each of 1 GW size) to generate the same amount of electricity onto the grid.”
“[Nuclear energy is] about 1.5 to 2 times more [reliable than] natural gas and coal units, and 2.5 to 3.5 times more reliable than wind and solar plants.”

Now, after halting new permits for US-based oil manufacturers, and leaving Colonial Pipeline out to dry following a major cyberattack, over a third of the US faces gas shortages. The energy independence achieved under Trump is now under siege as Democrats strive to have the US rely on OPEC countries and largely toxic solar panels, which only work optimally 30% of the time. Democrats are more willing to work with and provide benefits to the CCP than find solutions with Republicans to solve US energy issues.

Trampling Free Speech

The political left exploited the pandemic to further collaborate with their big tech allies to impose un-American, tyrannical censorship, and attack conservatives.  Because Democrats wield institutional power, collude with America’s corporate oligarchy, and hate ideological dissent, they are actively taking away your freedom of speech. It’s important to note that these elitists view Republicans, their fellow American citizens, as their foremost enemy - the only ones barring their assuming full power - and who must be eradicated from the public square.

Republicans compromising their value system to adopt a “bigger tent” isn’t going to change these realities, nor will it garner more votes.

Pseudo-Identity Politics

Democrats will continue to call Republicans bigots no matter how moderate the nominee, or who they choose to endorse. Allowing GOP candidates to play along with identity politics will ensure the erosion of traditional values and a cascade of unelectable candidates.

The Choice For Republicans

Most center-right and otherwise Republican Americans hold more socially conservative or libertarian views while being economically centric. However, if Republicans wish political suicide upon themselves, then pandering to the bottom right quadrant of a winning political compass will accomplish this goal.

“A majority of Republican voters -- 62 percent -- identify as both fiscally and socially conservative, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll...”

California is often considered the testing ground for national policy among political parties. Being socially liberal with conservative economic views is not where the electorate sits, no matter how idealistic such a candidate or view-point might be.

Democrats’ hypocritical stances and radical platform shift cannot be pandered to. Being able to call leftists hypocrites for not electing a Republican transgender woman does not constitute an effective political strategy that should be the face of the GOP.  Democrats simply don't care. They know what they’re doing when their prominent influencers cancel anyone who doesn’t perfectly fit their narrative. While California may have nothing to lose by electing someone like Jenner, this is not a national strategy that should be adopted by Republicans.

To reach the broader constituency, the GOP needs articulate conservatives who will strongly hold traditional values.

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